Guides renting excursion radio equipment appreciate receiving their order on time without wasting time to visit the company's office.
According to CrystalSound's 8 year long experience, delivery to reception desk of the hotel closest to excursion starting point is the most convenient solution.

Pros for the guide:
✅ Many hotels are ready to cooperate, even if the excursion tourists do not live there.
✅ The hotel staff can take a bag with equipment and hand it over to the guide. You can also leave your bag with them upon the end of excursion.
✅ The guide can pick up the equipment in advance (often even a day in advance), thus saving time before the excursion. If so, you will not have to pay extra, but only for the days of use (according to the order).
✅ Having a bag with equipment already waiting at the reception desk, the guide does not have to wait for our courier. The guide can adjust the excursion start or end time according to the needs of the group only.
✅ Harsh weather will not interfere and delay the equipment in traffic.
On the other hand, for us this way of handover means simpler logistics and saving time and fuel. As a result, we can bring the delivery cost to minimum or zero.