for devices

Our software offers a faster and easier way to take maximum advantage of CrystalSound devices
Our software allows you to:
• manage audioguide and radioguide files
• manage Bluetooth settings
• automatically count devices
For both Android
and iOS
A simple and compact app that only needs to be started on any portable device. It allows counting all the devices in the field of view with a slight wave of hand
Universal software for working with audioguides.
  • It can group them or manage each device individually.
  • The functionality may include creating and editing tracks and playlists, managing and editing routes on audio guides, displaying a list of loaded tracks, to name a few.
  • It offers management of several excursions at the same time from a single mobile device
This software fulfill any desires and requirements for working with devices, including changing the basic settings for specific tasks
Bluetooth tags can work up to 100 days before recharge, so a separate app has been developed to monitor the battery charge levels.
Another convenient feature is counting of tags and audio guides
CS.Dealers counter
The Dealers COUNTER mobile app developed specifically for CrystalSound’s partners is also available as a web interface.
  • It accounts for orders
  • usage statistics
  • provides reports based on these data
  • Another feature is GPS monitoring
  • control over the issuance/collection
  • accounting of the equipment
Are your apps free to download?
Yes, apps for counting, setting and managing excursions are free.
Dealer Counter requires individual settings for the client’s task, so the offers are made individually
What smartphone OS your apps work on?
Almost all apps work on Android and iOS
What free space do I need to download apps?
Each app takes less than 10 MB
What is the scanning radius of the Counter app?
CS.COUNTER counts all radio guides in the line of sight within up to 3 meters
At what distance from Bluetooth tags should I set up and check battery charge level?
The tag setup application CS.CONFIGER finds tags within 3−5 meters.
The tag battery charge checking app CS COUNTER MARKS shows tags within up to 10 meters (depending on the configuration of the room)
The range of bluetooth phone is 20−30 meters. Does it mean that the entire group of audio guides must be within this area so that tracks could be managed by the CS. LeaderGuide app?
At least one audio guide from the group must be within the smartphone’s Bluetooth signal reception radius. The remaining audio guides form a mash-network between themselves to transmit command to start a desired track. Therefore, the distance between the LeaderGuide and a tourist can be increased several times
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